We first met through Pritesh's sister! Pritesh was doing a dance with friends and really wanted to include one of his sister's “younger” friends. This may have been on purpose but that friend ended up being Indira....

Our dance practices led to endless laughs, memorable times, and a relationship that will last a lifetime! 

After the dance, came our infamous Austin Trip - where we started falling for each other! On the drive up there, Indira kept talking about this place "Mt. Bonnell". After dinner, Pritesh surprised her that night by taking her there.... and it was magical!

4 years later, Pritesh brought it back full circle, and surprised Indi once again by taking her back to Mount Bonnell. This time - he proposed to her (with all of our family and friends hiding in the midst!), and she said YES! <3

Our First Date!


A little after our trip from Austin, we had our first date that Pritesh tricked Indira into. It was Houston Restaurant Week and Pritesh mentioned that we should go to Kiran’s Restaurant with our entire dance crew. Of course, Indira agreed right away since it had to do with food… the part she didn’t know is that he really didn't invite anyone and it turned out being their first date!

We still laugh about how nervous we both were and how much we couldn’t afford it on a college budget. Pritesh definitely tried hard to impress Indira that night! But, now our date nights consist of Taco Bell and a tub of Ice Cream.  :)

She said YES!

OUR PROPOSAL4 years later on June 17th, 2017... I took Indi back to the place we started off at, Mount Bonnell. For weeks, I planned the proposal with friends and family and she had no idea. I pulled off a successful sting operation and was able to get all of our friends and family to Austin without her having a clue!

Indira thought we were going to Austin for my CPA ceremony, but the morning of... I switched it up once again and surprised her by pulling up to Mount Bonnell. Just this time….it was for the best moment of our lives! And it didn't stop there... I planned a whole day and night to celebrate her! 



Together we've taken over

13 cities, 7 states, 1 country,.. and a world to go!  

We love to explore, and some of our favorite memories together are from our travels. With every new trip, we're that much closer to taking over the world hand-in-hand! ;)